We now have a true whole-type model of personality, including for the first time:

  • An understanding of our cognitive modes of operating, that is more vivid and accurate because it is based on the actual building blocks of personality, the eight function-attitudes.
  • A framework that encompasses both the go-to conscious gifts and the unconscious challenges and development potential of each personality type.
  • The energy factor that is responsible for our innate patterns of motivation and emotional baggage.

This “depth typology’ level of knowledge provides a tool that many coaches, counselors, therapists, and psychoanalysts have come to rely upon. And type trainers can significantly expand their capabilities through this sophisticated understanding of personality as well. It is, for example, what led to the creation of the Integrated Problem-Solving™ training program. In fact, IPS is really simply an effective delivery system for teaching and applying the powerful practical lessons of this enhanced view of personality type.

Building Blocks of Personality Type is widely viewed as the ideal introduction to depth typology and has become the go-to reference work for understanding the function-attitudes. Depth Typology, due for release in June 2016, offers a comprehensive description of what the current cutting-edge model of type includes, how it works, and why it is important, as well as examples of its application in many arenas. You can find more detailed descriptions of these works on our Books page.