Blocks cover w frame-175xJung’s Mental Processes: Building Blocks of Personality Type begins with an introductory section that is user-friendly, even for readers who are not at all familiar with personality type. The focus of the book is on explaining and describing the eight “function-attitudes” —the basic building blocks of personality. A full chapter is devoted to each of these mental processes, describing them from every angle, often in the words of people for whom that function-attitude is innately “preferred” and well-developed—i.e., from the “user’s” perspective. Building Blocks of Personality Type is by far the most complete exploration of the function-attitudes available anywhere. You can purchase Building Blocks of Personality Type at For wholesale orders, contact enable javascript


FrontCover-225xDepth Typology: C. G. Jung, Isabel Myers, John Beebe, and The Guide Map to Becoming Who We Are  is a comprehensive presentation of the current state of the art model of personality, John Beebe’s “eight function-attitude eight archetype” model. Not only does it explain in detail what it is and how it works, it describes the context as well. The book explores the theoretical foundations of personality type, outlines the evolution of the model, describes its newly-expanded framework and whole-psyche dynamics in detail, explains how this model fits into the new paradigm of modern scientific knowledge, and notes the current psycho-socio-political need for such an advancement in understanding ourselves. It also touches upon how depth typology is already inspiring innovations in a multitude of type applications and human endeavors. Beebe’s model has initiated a new era in the exploration of personality that I call “depth typology,” and seems certain to continue inspiring new insights and innovative applications, due to the broader and deeper perspective it brings to the field:

  • The functions and attitudes of type provide a theoretical framework for thinking and talking about personality, but shifting the focus to the function-attitudes allows us to use a framework that describes the live, dynamic mental processes that are actually at work.
  • Rather than limiting type to the ego-side of personality, the model encompasses, for the first time, the whole personality, including even the collective unconscious.
  • Formerly a purely cognitive model, this expanded view of psychological type now also encompasses the emotion-related energies that drive us.


Personality type has always told us about the gifts and blind-spots of our primary mental habits. Now, depth typology enables us to understand our undiscovered talents and most deep-seated challenges as well. You can purchase Depth Typology in paperback or Kindle at For wholesale orders, contact enable javascript