A personal development experience and a technique for promoting continuous, life-long personal growth.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience all the different ways that are available for filtering the kinds of information they notice and all the different approaches to making decisions. For each person, some of these mental processes will be difficult to engage and some may be impossible. But at a minimum, every participant will begin to recognize, understand, and appreciate those mental approaches that are not their own familiar modes of operating.

A framework for more effective problem-solving.

Participants will learn a simple and effective technique for decision-making that they will want to use throughout their lives. Every time they use it, they will stretch their personal development a little further, converting their innate potential into personal skills and wisdom.

An effective team-building exercise.

In the same way that individuals will learn to recognize and build upon their personal strengths and weaknesses, the ability to leverage strengths and compensate for weaknesses as a team will be enhanced.

Language and concepts for de-personalizing and defusing conflict and miscommunication.

Participants will learn a non-judgmental common language and conceptual framework for avoiding or resolving the communication and interpersonal issues that inevitably crop up from natural personality differences. Incorrect assumptions about where others are “coming from” are usually rooted in type differences and are at the heart of most friction and conflict.

An actionable solution.

A particularly well-conceived and balanced resolution will be found for an issue that is important to the organization. This solution will be framed as an action plan—with sufficient detail about sequentiality, timetables, and responsible persons to provide a road map for moving forward.

Accountability and results.

A written report will be submitted by the consultant to all participants; which includes details of the solution/action plan, as well as observations and recommendations.